HighGenic® Difficult Oils Stain Remover easily and effectively removes oily food, make-up, grass and engine oil stains. It is suitable for use on clothes, fabrics, carpets, sofa and laminated surfaces. It also removes all kinds of tough oil-based stains as solid-oil, grease, butter, margarine, soot, mud, shoe polish.



The Stain Remover can be used on hand-washed, machine-washed and dry-cleaned fabrics. DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT ON LEATHER AND DERIVATIVES OF LEATHER! Test the durability of the colors on an area of clothing which is not easily visible.

The product is ready for use; do not dilute it.

For fabrics, place the stained area in a small and deep container; pour some Stain Remover directly on the stain; wait for 1 to 5 minutes; wash the stained area gently by rubbing it with warm water. Repeat the procedure with longer waiting period of difficult stains.

For other surfaces, pour some of the product on the stain; wait until the stain is dissolved and then remove the stain from the surface by wiping it off with a wet rag.