HighGenic® Sirkelim - Vegan Cleaning Vinegar is one of the most effective natural cleaner by its specially developed formula with organic lavender oils. Since the ancient times, vinegar has been known for cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces. It provides hygienic cleaning in various areas such as dishwashers, bathrooms, kitchens, ceramic surfaces. Does not contain dye, preservative and petroleum derived substances.


APPLICATION: Depending on the application, spray directly to the surface and clean with a dry cloth. Dishwasher, washing machine, oven, teapot applications should be used as follows.

KITCHEN: Cleans kitchen counters and cutting boards, provides hygiene. To provide hygiene in kitchen cloths and sponges, spray and wait for 10 minutes.

REFRIGERATOR: Prevents stains,dirts and bad odors. The cleaned area does not require rinsing, you can spray and wipe, or pour to the cloth.

OVEN: Cleans newly formed oil and dirts. Spray it to the dirty area. Wait for 5-10 minutes and wipe. Wait 1 night for tough dirt and stains, or after application, heat the oven to 30 ° C-40 ° C, close the cover and wipe with a cloth after 30 minutes.

TEA AND COFFEE MACHINE: Boil 1L water with 1 tea glass of Sirkelim to remove lime and residues. Then rinse with water.

DISHWASHER: Add 15-20 ml to the rinse aid (do not use rinse aid). It gives a shiny brightness to dishes, and ensures that lime and detergent residues are cleaned.

BATHROOM, BASIN, TOILET, CERAMIS: Cleans all the lime and water stains from the surfaces, polishes and provides hygiene.

SURFACES AND FLOOR: Add 1 tea glass of Sirkelim to 5L water, wipe as usual.

WASHING MACHINE: Add half a cup of Sirkelim to softener area in the machine. It provides a natural softness for your laundries. It cleans the detergent and lime residues from your washing machines and prolongs their life.

PETS: Cleans and provides hygiene in the areas where your pets live like ceramic, carpet, armchair.

GROUT CLEANING: Spray the product to the dirty surface and wait for 5 minutes. Brush the area. Rinse and wipe with water.