HighGenic® Multi-Functional Cleaner with Silicone pushes the water, provides brightness and delays dusting. With its anti-static special formula; it cleans the dirt, brightens the surface and delays dusting on the plastic and vinyl surfaces in the bathroom, on the windows, furniture, metal and built-in surfaces, interior and exterior of the car.



Apply the product on the surface by spraying. Wipe with a clean cloth by circular motions until it dries. After the product is applied on the surface, it should be cleaned before it gets dry.

Tiles, Shower cabin, Armature, Sinks: Thanks to the protection layer created on the surface, it allows the water to flow, cleans and gives a glittering shine. Delays the formation of lime and soap spots.

Glass surfaces, Windows, Mirror, Glass Chandelier: Cleans dirt and fingerprint residues, delays dusting. Delays rain, water drips and dirt to adsorb on the surfaces, provides brightness.

Furniture: Its silicone formula creates a protective surface and delays dusting and helps against scratches and corrosion. Provides shine with its varnishing effect.

Steel, Metal, Built-in Surfaces: Cleans the oil, dirt, fingerprint stains. Brightens and vanishes the surfaces and delays dusting.

In and out of the car: It cleans, vanishes and delays dirts and dusting by creating a protective layer on the outer surface of the car. It cleans and polishes plastic and vinyl surfaces inside the car. It allows water and rain droplets to flow from the windows and from the outer surface. Used as wiper water: It is diluted in half and placed in the wiper water depot and it is used normally.