HighGenic® Hygiene Magician – Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Bleach with its improved new and strong foam formula, it provides HYGIENE and CLEANING ON ALL SURFACES. It REMOVES BURNT OILS from all surfaces in the kitchen; PROVIDES EXCELLENT CLEANING AND HYGIENE in the bathroom; including washbasins, bathtubs, closets and tiles. It removes stains and dirts. Cleans shirt collars and cuffs. Removes toughest stains from the white laundries. PROVİDES IN-DEPTH HYGIENE on all the surfaces where pets live.



CLEANİNG AND HYGİENE FOR HOME: Spray at a distance of 10-15 cm to the surface. Wait 3-5 minutes for daily dirts, wait 10-15 minutes for very dirty, oily surfaces and rough stains. Then wipe the surface and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Apply it carefully, it contains bleach. Before using, test the suitability of the product with the surface. It may cause color fading in aluminum, copper, brass, marble surfaces. Do not use on wood, painted or paper surfaces.

STAİN REMOVER FOR WHİTE LAUNDRY: Use only in white laundries. Apply the product directly to the stain so that it can completely cover the stain. Wait for 5 minutes, wash in the machine.

RECOMMENDATİONS FOR SAFE WASHİNG: Not suitable for wool, silk, leather and colorful clothes. Before using it in colored laundry, test the durability of the colors in an invisible spot.